Best Large Cat Litter Box

Buying the right size litter box for your cat needs is important and often not done. Many cat owners buy a regular size litter box at the store for their cat and then reap the consequences. If a cat is in a litter box that is too small for it, the chances of the waste not ending up in the litter box increases. Many cats also like to dig in the litter and if the box is too small, the litter can end up all over the floor and then the cat may carry that litter around the home. The best option is to get a large cat litter box to suit the large cat or even multiple cats. There are many great, cheap options on Amazon and we have ranked the top five for you.

5. Petmate Clean Step Litter Dome

This igloo-shaped litter box from Booda is an excellent choice, especially for cats that like to dig and for preventing litter from being spread throughout the home. This litter box is enclosed, allowing your cat to dig to its heart’s content without litter being thrown out of the box. There is a ramp that leads into the litter box that is made to catch the litter on your cat’s feet as it walks out. It is 50% larger than most standard litter boxes and it has a carbon filter to help handle the odors. It is easy to clean and rather inexpensive making it one of the best litter boxes for large cats.

4. Pureness Giant High Sides Cat Litter Pan

This litter box from Pureness has a simple design, yet it is very effective at its price. It is the same shape as a normal litter box except larger and with higher sides. This litter box is made for cats that love to dig as the high sides prevent any spillage. This extra large cat litter box is also odor and stain resistant. It is simple, easy to clean, and meant to handle large or multiple cat household for an extended period of time. As one of the deepest litter boxes on the market, this is a great choice if you are looking for something simple and with no frills.

3. Nature's Miracle High-Sided Litter Box (P-82035)

Nature’s Miracle also has a high-sided litter box that we think is just slightly better that Pureness. This litter box has a lip in the front of the litter box that makes it easier for your cat to get in the box and also makes the box easier to clean. It has an antimicrobial, nonstick surface and is easily cleaned. This box is another easy to use/no hassle litter box for the cat owner who just wants a good, cheap product. Paired with a good brand of litter, this combination will make cat care a little easier.

2. IRIS Open Top Cat Litter Box Kit with Shield and Scoop

This litter box is a great starter litter box. It is incredibly cheap but incredibly effective. It has an attachable shield that creates a high-sided litter box with an opening for your cat to easily get through. The opening and removable top also make it easy to clean. This extra large cat litter box also comes with a scoop, so that is one less thing you have to buy with this already affordable product. The design also has a recessed bottom and molded-in feet making it an easy fit in almost all spaces. This is the cheapest item on this list but it does not lack in quality.

1. Hagen CatIt Hooded Cat Litter Box

Our pick for the best litter box for large cats is this best seller form CatIt. It is a covered litter box with a sizeable front opening for your cat to enter and you to clean easily. The flap over the opening can be removed easily if your cats prefer an open litter box. It has a carbon filter to keep the odors down and a built-in bag anchor to make scooping up waste even easier. It has also a handle on the top so the whole litter box can be easily moved. It is sold at a fair price and it comes with many features other larger litter boxes do not.


When looking for a large cat litter box, it is important to find one that is deep and not just greater in length and width than the average litter box. Some large litter boxes are big enough to accommodate a large cat but lack the appropriate depth to handle the digging and movement of the cat that can send litter flying. The litter boxes ranked above are all made for large cat and cats that like to dig, so all of them will meet your cat litter box needs.