CatGenie Review


If you do not want ever buy, carry, touch, see, or smell cat litter again, you will be glad to know that the unique solution already exists. CatGenie brand specializes in producing the only in the world self-washing cat box and its accompanying accessories. The manufacturer designed the entire pet supply product line with the intention to let you never have to deal with a cat litter ever again. The line of pet-safe products contains a CatGenie litter box, dome, washable granules, and a maintenance cartridge (change just once a year). Let us analyse and also look at some other CatGenie reviews and, therefore, discover the advantages and possible weak features of this extremely tempting offer.

Criteria for Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

This litter & housebreaking product is a kind of revolutionary solution for a very unpleasant problem. When cat owners get tired of continuous scooping, litter cleaning, messy views and unpleasant odor, they look for an alternative option. A high-quality self-cleaning cat litter box should automatically maintain the tidy look and fresh scent of your cat’s litter box for a long time with no extra hassle. It should not bother your pet with sharp movements or loud noises. The other requirements are safety, hygienic cleaning, and ease of use. The additional programming options will make the process of cat litter maintenance a breeze.

Product Overview

CatGenie brand produces the perfectly developed model called self-washing self-flushing cat box. Comparatively with other simpler cat litter boxes, this model is more costly. However, it is also much more feature-rich and may be a money-saving investment in a long-time perspective. You will not need to buy litter constantly, week after week, and consequently, your maintenance costs will reduce. Nevertheless, the most incredible feature of this product is the ability to provide your cat with the bathroom that is possibly more hygienic than your own. It is an effortless process which leaves no dust, litter, odor or mess. This model automatically washes, sanitizes and dries itself. To supplement the cat genie reviews, let us name the CatGenie most important key features, which include:

  • Uses litter-like, non-absorbing granules, which satisfy your cat’s desire to dig and cover. All the liquids flow through these granules, then CatGenie removes the waste and washes it away to the drain. Finally, the granules are washed and purified with the veterinarian-approved Sanisolution, and then the box is dried to finish the cleaning process. The box remains like a new and ready to be used every time after cleaning.
  • Ideal for one, two, or even three adult cats of average size. The included supplies will last for 2-3 months, depending on the pet quantity.
  • Additionally includes one box of washable granules, one cartridge, as well as installation hoses, adapters, and clear manuals.
  • The cat box measures 19 inches wide in front, 16 inches wide bottom back, and 21 inches high.
  • An automatic and programmable device that can be located in your bathroom, utility, or laundry room.


This is an absolutely incredible solution for loving yet squeamish or busy cat owners. The whole one-year supply of cartridges will take less space than the supply of cat litter containers. Each cartridge is recyclable and holds from 120 to 240 washes and the granules are biodegradable as well. Therefore, CatGenie cat box can be considered as a green cat box, as well as economical one. It is also very smart and can be customized because you are free to adjust the mode and set active hours, sleep time, and the delay time. Simply press a button to program it precisely as you wish or set a cat activation option then the box will follow the cleaning schedule, perfect for your pet or pets. Although this box requires a certain preparation and set up, all the necessary mounting details are included. This product comes with a 2-year warranty and that fact definitely ensures the high quality. This product is one of its kind, and that is why there are no competitors or comparisons, it is just uniquely perfect.


Among weaknesses, we could name the installation difficulties. The CatGenie cat box requires hookup to cold water and electrical outlet, however, you will just need a wrench or a pair of pliers, and 30-60 minutes to set it. Although, that will be nearly all maintenance efforts required for the further several years. It may also become a sizeable budget expenditure, but in a long-time period, it will surely pay off.


Regarding this cat genie review, anyone will agree that such innovative self-cleaning cat box is a modern, convenient, and trouble-free solution of cat’s bathroom problem. You will spend a fair amount of money and time to make prepare this box but subsequently, you will simply forget about this unpleasant issue for a long-long time. A satisfied cat, a fresh and clean cat box and no extra need to care about a feline bathroom every single day – that sounds perfect to me.