Modkat Litter Box Review

Looking around for hours on the internet for the answer to your kitty related problems can be a thankless task. That is why we have decided to make your job a little easier. We have written an in-depth evaluation of one of the most sought after litter boxes to help you to make your mind up.

Cats, like humans, want their privacy when doing their business and I’m sure, you like all cat owners, hate their litter tracking. Thankfully there is a complete solution to this problem in the form of the Modkat Litter Box. Like hundreds of its happy customers, you too can have a litter-free, odor-free home with this litter box.

This litter box is customizable to the just the way your cat likes it and is easy to clean. The neat design makes it look good in any corner of your room as it blends nicely with your furniture.

Now sit back, enjoy our Modkat Litter Box review and hopefully your litter tracking nightmares will be a thing of the past.

What makes the Modkat Litter Box great?

A great litter box should be comfortable to your pet and easy to scoop & clean. It should also take away all your worries about litter tracking & odor, and be dog-proof (if you own a dog, you’ll know).

The Modkat saves you from a lot of pet problems by just being extremely comfy for your cat with its adjustable lid position. Besides giving your cat the desired privacy, it is also dog-proof and really easy to clean. It boasts a modern minimalist design, meaning it looks good with any furniture and fits well in small homes.


The Modkat litter box is a great solution for small to average cats and young kittens. If your cat pees a lot, try the Modko flip litter box. The adjustable lid allows it to be used with larger cats, but we recommend you try another product if you have a large cat.

Some great features of this product include a design that is space efficient ( 16” L x 16” B x 15 “ H). It is extremely well suited for small apartments and perfect if you have a small cat at your home. The tarp liner is long lasting and can be reused after cleaning. Its seamless base will prevent any urine leakage and you can use the box without the liner too.

While the Modko flip litter box comes with front access, the Modkat gives your cat a rooftop access. The top entry design prevents dogs from enjoying ‘litter treats’. There are five different colors to choose from, each design looks great with the rest of your furniture. The adjustable lid acts as a litter mat, and they also provide you with a wide scoop that makes cleaning very easy. You can hang this scoop to the side of the litter box.

Watch the video below to check out more awesome features and then continue with our modkat litter box review.


  • For its price, there are a lot of amazing benefits this litter box provides. We have listed a few of them below:
  • An award winning design. The size of this box is just the right balance between comfort and privacy.
  • The outer design is durable and blends wonderfully with your furniture.
  • Dog proof.
  • Gives you cat the privacy it needs.
  • Scratch resistant and extremely durable liner.
  • A seamless base ensures no leakage.
  • Litter removal and cleaning are extremely easy with this box.
  • A 30-day money back guarantee. You can return the product if you are not satisfied. The Modkat staff offer a great customer service!


  • Not suitable for large or disabled cats. Due to its average size, large cats might feel uncomfortable while using this box. And the top-entry means this product can not be used by disabled cats on their own.
  • The top-entry means that odor can spread more than the litter boxes with a closed top. Your cat also needs to be comfortable entering from the top.
  • The product has a high price at $99. Although it offers wonderful features for that value, consider your budget.
  • The tarp liner may cause allergies in some cats. Consult your vet before you make the purchase.


While you pay a little extra money as compared to other competitors on the market, you do get more than you pay for. And if you are not satisfied, there is a 30-day money back guarantee with full refund minus shipping charges!

So if you are looking for an all-in-one solution for your litter problems, get this product! And then comeback to this modkat litter box review to thank us when you see the benefits.