Top 5 Best Electric Litter Box For Your Money

Electric litter boxes are a great solution to the natural cat mess problem. Instead of cleaning out your cat’s litter box every day, use a self-cleaning litter box to change the frequency of upkeep to every couple of weeks. Self-cleaning litter boxes work well for those with a “set it and forget it” mentality. Good ones will keep the odor at bay as well as keep the waste out of sight. Self-cleaning litter boxes vary widely in price, but it is possible to find a fantastic one for a decent price, even under $100. Below we have ranked the top five litter boxes on Amazon.

5. LitterMaid LM680C Automatic Self-Cleaning Classic Litter Box (LM680C)

The first of two litter boxes from Littermaid, this one is sold for under $100. It is meant for single cat owners and owners of small cats. It comes with waste receptacles to make disposing of waste even easier and less messy than with an ordinary litter box. There is a carpeted ramp that leads up to the entrance of the litter box. This ramp keeps litter from being carried out of the litter box on the cat’s feet. One of the biggest benefits of this box is it comes with adjustable cleaning, so you can program the box to clean more or less often based on your preferences.

4. Littermaid LM980 Mega Self-Cleaning Litter Box

This is the second electric cat litter box from Littermaid. It is the extra-large size with high side walls to accommodate both large cats and the multiple cat household. This box is an upgrade to the LM680C and it includes a safety bar to stop the cleaning rake in case there is a blockage. It also holds 50% more litter than most other self-cleaning litter boxes. This is a fantastic choice for the cat owner with several cats and a very busy schedule. With the programmable cleaner, waste receptacles, and carpeted ramp, this litter box makes clean-up quick and easy.

3. PetSafe Simply Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box

This litter box from PetSafe is also under $100. It uses less clumping litter than most litter boxes which saves money in the long term. It also comes with a waste bin attached to the side. The waste bin can be lined with plastic bags to make cleaning up easy. It constantly cleans up throughout the day as opposed to other self-cleaning litter boxes which clean only after a cat has been detected in the box. This electric cat litter box is easy to clean and is one of the cheapest on the market.

2. Litter-Robot III Open-Air - Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box

This litter box is the most expensive on the list, but it is the second best for a reason. The cleaner has three different time settings and a carbon-filtered drawer for the waste. Some additional features include an automatic night light on the inside of the sphere, a lock-out feature to prevent kids or cats from messing with the settings and a sleep-mode that can keep the sphere from turning unless a button is pushed manually. One of the best features is its drawer full indicator light to let you know when the waste drawer needs to be emptied. This box also has the best electric kitty litter box reviews on Amazon which means you are getting a reliable product.

1. PetSafe ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box

Our pick for the best self-cleaning litter box is this product from PetSafe. It is at the average price range for this kind of litter box. This litter box is made to fit cats of most any sizes. Set up is extremely easy. It comes with disposable litter trays that are loaded into the bottom of the box. The box also has sensors in it that detect when your cat has used the box starting a timer that gives the litter time to absorb the waste before it is moved away. It has great electric kitty litter box reviews with most people backing up its effectiveness at its price. This box is a great purchase for those looking for a quality product at a decent price.


For the cat owner who would like less hassle when it comes to cleaning up cat waste, electric litter boxes are a great choice. They only need to be emptied every week to two weeks and most models also save you on purchasing litter in the long haul. A self-cleaning litter box can be a smart purchase for the busy cat owner that will help lessen the load of a packed day. With all the added features many have as well, these types of boxes, especially those featured on our list, are well worth the price.