Nature's Miracle Self Cleaning Litter Box Reviews


Pets are full of life and are a source of a joy yet they always successfully manage to create a mess. They are able to cause troubles and concerns which require continuous care, maintenance, and cleaning efforts. Nature’s Miracle brand has over 25-year experience in developing the odor removing products that solve these problems. Nowadays, this manufacturer offers a widely expanded range of pet clean-up solutions for loving pet parents.The modern pet supply industry offers various litter box modifications, which are supposed to cut down your litter cleaning duties. Such devices automatically clean themselves while keeping the litter fresh. Therefore, litter box cleanliness makes the cats more likely to use it without a single miss. Let us look through some nature's miracle self cleaning litter box reviews and make up an opinion concerning this product utility.


Searching for a self-cleaning cat litter box, people are wishing to reduce their time and efforts spent for scooping, cleaning and throwing out smelly bags. They also want to have a tidy looking and fresh smelling cat box continuously. Some choosy cats do not use a cat box if it is not perfectly clean, and that may be a real problem for their owners. Therefore, looking to make a decision, people need the cat self-cleaning box to do its job automatically, thoroughly and all while not being too loud. This device should not bring additional hassles and excessive expenses. What users expect is a neat, clean, fresh, totally usable cat litter box.

Product Overview

Nature's Miracle self-cleaning litter box has several models designed for single-cat, multi-cat households, and also there are hooded boxes. The multi-cat self cleaning litter box is the most highly rated automatically working model of this brand. There are also such related products as waste receptacles and refills, which you will need in order to maintain the cat box. Nature's Miracle clumping litter works perfectly concerning the matter of bad odor, although it works fine with any of your cat’s favorite litter. This cat litter box automatically cleans and scoops itself after every use or upon request by pressing the button. Other essential features include:

  • The purchase comes with a limited 1-year warranty.
  • The product measures approximately 28 by 10 by 17 inches, this large box holds 30% more litter than other single-cat boxes.
  • Uses an electrical outlet or battery power.
  • The device works quietly, so it will not scare your cat and the adaptation will be fast.
  • Allows setting scheduled delays on clean up after every use yet can be started manually as well. You can also program it for a sleeping time to avoid nighttime disturbing your family if you wish.
  • Odor control system with triple action: enclosed receptacles, carbon odor control filter, antimicrobial litter box protective cover.

This self-cleaning cat litter box is outfitted with the smart detection motion sensor that provides a raking litter clean after every time the box had been used. To prevent the odor buildup, it removes wet litter and waste, then disposes of the waste into the odor control receptacles. Such a mechanism virtually eliminates the necessity of constant litter cleaning and guarantees the unbeaten odor control.


This self-cleaning litter box is relatively cheaper than analogs, therefore if will be a more affordable purchase for a limited budget. Another brilliant feature is the inclusion of special carbon filters in the disposable trays to cut down on smell. The odor control receptacles keep odor contained, as well as an antimicrobial product protection on the litter box that additionally prevents odors caused by bacteria growth. Many users confirm the benefit of this model in fighting odor. This multi-cat litter box features extra-large size and that is why requires the bigger amount of the litter to use. However, this litter will be used many times, being raked and cleaned, and the usage of the litter will last long.


Sometimes it is claimed that the device does not remove all the waste, but it strongly depends on the place that cat uses in the box. In addition, you should use the recommended litter type and the recommended quantity of the litter in order to provide the optimal operation conditions. You should also be careful while dealing with the receptacle, as they are somewhat flimsy. Nevertheless, some inventive users offer to insert disposable trash bags into the removable receptacle in order to facilitate a bit challenging waste removing process.


This miracle self cleaning litter box review has shown that this model is well worth the money in general. This device catches those wastes that could be caught by most manual scooping tools but does not require you to manually do it every time your cat uses the box. It is programmable, works quietly and features perfect odor control. Therefore, you can take into consideration this model if you need some affordable self-cleaning litter box for your feline friends.