Top 5 Automatic Litter Boxes

Having a cat can be a hassle, but the worst part about owning a cat is needing to clean its litter box. Nobody wants to spend hours a week scooping out excrement from an awful smelling litter box. Thanks to new technological advancements, that is no longer a problem. New, innovative world technology now presents automatic, self-flushing cat litter boxes. This means you will never have to touch your pet’s horrible, smelly droppings again! No more scooping, and no more wasting time.

We’ve provided you with the Top 5 automatic Litter boxes to help you chose the best product for your house and your cat, or cats.

5. PetSafe’s Simply Clean

The PetSafe Simply Clean litter box is among PetSafe’s best products. This product is affordable and efficient. It does a perfect job at keeping your cat’s litterbox clean and odor-free. The litter box operates on a low-voltage system, which keeps the motor’s noises nice and low. The machine also keeps the cat litter from clumping too much, saving you a lot of money on excess Kitty litter. The litter box’s tray is made to fit small to medium sized cats. Its waste compartment is semi-transparent, making it easy to see if it needs to be changed. Finally, none of the machine’s parts move in such a way that they would accidentally catch your pet’s tail or paw while it’s being used, providing safety for your pet.

4. LitterMaid

The LitterMaid is the perfect litter box for anybody who owns more than one cat. The litter box comes with sturdy mechanisms that include a large litter area and high side walls. The LitterMaid litter box is considered among the top automatic litter boxes out there. In addition to that, it’s completely inexpensive. This system comes with an automatic rake, which scoops your pet’s litter with no trouble at all. It also comes with 4 waste compartments, all fitted with carbon filters to make the litter box odor-free. Lastly, the litterbox has a paw cleaning ramp that catches any waste or litter particles on your cats’ paws.

3. CatGenie

The special thing about this litter box is that it flushes itself, much like a toilet. CatGenie is a self-flushing and self-washing litter box. Its mechanisms work a lot like those of a toilet bowl. The machine scoops waste, throws it away, and then washes, flushes, and dries the litter box automatically. It works with special washable litter- instead of your day-to-day clay litter- that helps with the cleaning process and keeps the box odorless, along with sanitizing the biodegradable litter. CatGenie works best for a maximum of two cats. It does not require constant refilling or cleaning on your side, making it ideal for a stress-free litterbox.

2. PetSafe’s ScoopFree

Another one of PetSafe’s reliable products, the ScoopFree litter box is among the most popular and most efficient automatic litter boxes on the market. The product comes with specialized crystal litter, which absorbs urine gets rid of the putrid smell by dehydrating your cat’s waste. The machine uses an automatic rake that sweeps through used litter 20 minutes after your cat has used it. The waste in the litter is then pushed through a compartment with a trap cover to keep the odor from dispersing into your home. As a final feature, the machine comes with a privacy hood, which allows more timid pets some privacy while doing their business.

1. Litter Robot III Open-Air

The Litter Robot III is the top most celebrated automatic litter box on the market right now. Although the product is a little bit on the expensive side, it is absolutely worth it. The litter box was designed to fit any cat, regardless of its size. It has a large entrance that ensures both ease and safety for your cat. The automatic self-cleaning system is extremely durable and is designed to last for a long period of time. The system cleans itself 3, 7, or 15 minutes after it detects that your pet has finished using it –according to the settings you choose. Its chamber, then, releases the clumps of used litter into its waste container, making the litter box clean for your cat’s next use.


So should you buy an electronic litter box? Of course you should. Whether you hate the thought of cleaning out your cat’s litter box, or you just don’t have the time, automatic litter boxes are the answer to your kitty problems. Not only do they provide luxury for your cat, but automatic litter boxes are also extremely hygienic. By buying a self-cleaning litter box, you are giving your cat a clean, well-smelling environment to live in and because these litter boxes clean themselves, you will never have to come into contact with your kitty’s waste again. In addition to that, you will save yourself the trouble of needing to scoop out litter every single day. Scooping will be a trouble of the past!